Most people try and do #NewYear resolutions. I have made them in the past and usually failed them by January 15th!  However this year I have bought the AWESOME marketing planner from #girlsmeanbusiness.   I love it.  However I have had to rethink my vision and goals for #2018.  What do I want to achieve and what direction do I want to move on to?

Considering I started #DoTutu just because people were asking me to make ballet tutus for them, I had no idea it would take off as it has into a registered business, and a  Registered Brand name for ballet outfits,  gymnastics and dance wear?  It is a business which I love, and will continue to develop new products and designs  for my customers.

The Goals

1) to leave my paid employment by December 2018

2)  to enable my husband to work alongside me as a partnership

Ideally, I could get him sew ballet tutus?  No I don’t think so.  We have always separated the household tasks with me doing textiles or ‘soft’ malleable products and Allan is fab at ‘hard’ products such as woodwork, mosaic etc.  We both love handicrafts and previously ran a successful craft business with craft fairs and  demonstrations and an online  scrapbooking store.   We even delivered craft workshops at the NEC and GMEX trading as #scrapdragon, before working the day job got in the way.


So my main thoughts were;  how can I develop the business to incorporate my gorgeous husband of the last 40 years that will keep us together and self employed?

Allan and I both have a wealth of experience we can share; Allan has taught  handicrafts and life skills to adults including those with personal difficulties for years as part of his paid employment.  It made sense to offer our expertise and provide training workshops for others to learn skills which may be forgotten in generations to come.

I still want to make Ballet tutus; however I love making the bespoke one-of-a-kind (OOAK) structured ballet tutus and am not so keen on the huge number of stretch orders which come through.  Therefore  my vision was to continue to develop the high quality semi-professional structured tutus  and to reduce the number of stretch tutus I make.  I will still make some stretch but will make more ready to wear options rather than  taking orders for stretch ballet tutus.  Hopefully add them for sale on this site.

The other part of the business will be to develop the existing Do Creative at our home as a training workshop.  In 2018 we will be offering small group workshops  and coaching as planned, bookable events which people can come along with friends and learn a new skill in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

The Vision

These will concentrate of two key areas for 2018.

  1. Costume making for Dance Mums:
    Four distinct courses and levels of competency working with stretch fabrics from a basic leotard to advanced stage costumes for festivals and competitions.
  2. Mixed Media Art:
    Multi  levels of competency workshops working with fabric and mixed media to create unique art for your home.

In addition to small group workshops some private 1:1 tuition can be scheduled in.

Optional kits will be provided for all workshops and participants will leave with their handmade created products.


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