After years watching dance festivals, I have seen some very pretty ballet dancers let down by a poor condition tutu.  Some schools pass down tutus to dancers and may have been used generation after generation without a refresh. 

At recent festival, at least half in the section could have done with some TUTU TLC.  I have helped local  customers to refurbish their preloved ballet tutus, I  realised that there is lots of misinformation and  myths  about how to revive a sagging ballet tutu.  Some of these  urban myths, still appear to be doing the rounds such as spraying the net with sugar water or spray starch.  I feel sorry for those who attempt this as a solution as it may actually made the issue worse.   

If you have a stretch ballet tutu, I can refresh the skirt and decoration to revive it a bit into a ‘pancake style’ skirt. 

If you have a structured ballet tutu I can amend the skirt or adjust and refit the bodice, depending o how it was origionally constructed. 

If you think your tutu  may need a refresh since the last festival, please dont leave it until the week before the festival, but check it,  try it on and to see if it needs to be booked  into the Tutu TLC clinic  to be made ‘pancake’ style with new hooping and re-tacking starts from as little as £35.

A full upcycle of an existing preloved structured ballet tutu, including decoration, is generally much cheaper then a new ballet tutu. Even added to a second hand ballet tutu , this can still work out more cost effective than a new structured ballet tutu.

An estimate of the cost of a tutu refresh will be offered  depending on materials used and hours worked once the tutu has been seen and assessed.

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