stretch Ballet tutu

I am sure my granddaugher Daisy only asked to learn  Ballet lessons just so  grandma could make her a ballet tutu.

Daisy loved Strictly come Dancing and had previously won at Blackpool Wintergardens champonships for her old time sequence dancing after being taught by the fabulous JLM  DANCE .  But despite my interventions by taking her to local stage dance productions and festivals; she  had never shown any signs of interest in stage theatre dance, apart from wanting one of Grandmas tutus.

I realised this as she discussed  and questioned in detail whenever a little girl came to try on a tutu. I told Daisy these were only for girls who had practiced so well that they could do a competition solo dance. Thats when Grandma sent her to the talented Debbie Barrass  who had taught the previous generation, her mum, aunt and uncle in competition dance.

Roll on 18 months time when Daisy had decied to leave her ballroom school which had attended for years to concentrate on her stage dance lessons “as Debbie would miss her” . A solo was duly praticed and learned and Daisy was entered into her first stage dance competition ran by the Karen Liddle School of Dance at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre in October 2017.

The novice 8-10 years Ballet section was scheduled for 5.40pm on Monday 23rd October. three generations went to watch at 1pm.  The festival was running time over badly. Daisy’s dad, brother and Nana arrived to watch at 6pm  but as the festival was already 90 minutes over time there was a few dances to sit through.  We got her ready, and made her run through her routine and warm up walk on and walk off routines.

Unfortunately Debbie Barrass was unable to stay for this delay as she had other classes to teach so left the music CD with another dance school teacher to play.  Leanne Jeffereys from Elwick Academy was wonderful, although unable to play the CD of music agt the required solo, she then passed it on to the Karen Liddle School to try. They also failed to get a good sounding from the CD and passed it onto Chance to Dance.  When the Music CD refused to play on any system, Leanne asked Daisy if whe wanted to continue without music.  As she had stood patiently on stage for at least 4 minutes and just wanted to do her routine Daisy agreed.   The Town Hall theatre fell into deathly silence as people stopped everything to watch the routine, a pin could be heard dropping as the audience held their breath.  Daisy calmly went through her full routine without music and finished to a standing ovation from the audience.

It is common occurance to see performers getting half way through a routine  with music and then forgetting the next steps and running off stage crying. Daisy’s composure for her first stage dance festival was amazing.  Not only was she 90 minutes late going on to perform in the 13th place of 14 novices, but she smashed it with confidence.  The adudicator also thought so and awarded her first place to which audience members could be heard to utter it was well deserved.

So now the family trend continues; Not only did uncle Craig smash his way through to a song and dance victory 1st place on his first competition, so did Daisy next generation.  I cant wait for other granddaughter Violet to get to grips with Ballet next year when she moves back to Hartlepool. I have designed the perfect first tutu for her.

So now as promised Daisy will get a new structured ballet tutu from her first stretch tutu. I promised that is she was placed in any position she could have a new tutu, to behonest I dont know how much this influenced her performance on the day, but a promise was made.  Well that means grandma will now had a pre-loved yellow stretch tutu as shown  for sale as a new structured is being developed for the open 8-10 section in February Comps.

I am loving getting back into local festivals after a generation gap.





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