The principles of the Russian Academy bodice is a long line with minimal structural lining or boning. Russian ballerinas are so slim it is expected that the fine very tightly fitted bodice would show ribs and muscles of the dancer.

To enable this tight close fitting bodice, I used a different construction method, with a fine lining and fabric with a slight stretch into the woven fabric.  The addition of piping feature with a pull piping at the top bodice helpd to ‘pull in’ the tight fit of the bodice.

This was the third RA bodice ordered since attending the fabulous advanced #TutusThatDance advanced seminar and learning the new style bodice pattern.


Only limited colours are available for this style of bodice, Nut the dancers do remark on how comfortable the bodice is to wear.

#DoTutu #TutusThatDance #ballet


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