Sometimes less is more.  The brief for this custom fitted tutu was a simple classic tutu in ivory to be ready for the February festivals.  This is an example of my basic starting tutu without any additional decoration.  There is a small optional floral cluster at the hip but that is the only decoration.  I must admit, I was itching to add a few Swarovski rhinestones to it!

Ivory Classical Corset tutu

Classical English tutu

As it sometimes happens, the mum who ordered this tutu missed appointments for fittings and then decided she no longer wanted to purchase the tutu when it was completed.  Unfortunately I now have to ask all customers for a  deposit for the order.

As Classical tutus are a corset fitting, they are meant to be tight.  Adjustments can be made by moving the bars to the hooks at the back of the bodice and by letting out side seams which all have extra material in there to allow for adjustments to other dancers.  Where adjustments are tight is in the upwards growth in height.    The customer said she did not want to purchase this finished tutu as her daughter would not be able to wear it for two years worth of growth.  For a growing child trying to get two years worth of growth from a single pair of ballet shoes would also be a pinch!

Custom tutus have a great resale value and quality shows.  It was fortunate that a young customer contacted me later and the tutu fitted within only minor adjustments.  Why not check out my remaining tutus for sale at the moment.

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