Jade stretch ballet tutu

One of the first things I ask my customers is, are you looking for a stretch ballet tutu or a structured.

To be honest, most are not aware of the difference and just say they want a ‘pancake’.  However, there is a significant price difference, therefore the budget might be the deciding factor.

Prices are based on skirt length and available here http://dotutu.uk/tutu-ordering/.   But don’t forget to check out my terms and conditions page as well.

My stretch ballet tutus are significantly lower priced than structured.  That is down to the level of fitting, materials and extensive hand sewing which takes the structured ballet tutu additional time and resources to complete.  It also makes it suitable for the level of a semi-professional ballerina. Dancers who are at championship and international level of festivals always request a structured ballet tutu.

Subsequently, a stretch tutu  is suitable for younger girls who are still growing but it need not be a simple white leotard with a bit of decoration. The use of premium Italian net from Tutu Netto and Notions can provide a quality coloured tutu skirt which lifts a stretch ballet tutu bodice into the next level of quality.

From the stage, a stretch tutu can look just like a structured if made to a similar quality.

Structured Bodice Tutu

Suitable for older developed dancers and those who compete at championship levels.  Some dance schools specify that ONLY structured bodice ballets tutus are allowed.

  • range of fabric colours with a range of silks and bengalines most popular
  • Fully lined with 100% cotton coutil for strength and long lasting wear ability
  • designed with wide seams for adjustment and growth room suitable for alterations
  • Boned to add structure and ease of movement for the dancer.
  • tutu skirt with fitted basque to support the skirt on the dancer
  • tutu pants made from heavyweight powernet to provide a small amount of stretch and fitting ease
  • fully decorated with quality trims and rhinestones.

Stretch Bodice Tutu

Suitable for younger dancers and those dancers who only compete in local festivals and competitions. This is the most popular tutu.

  • range of colours limited by available 2 way stretch lycra
  • Fully lined bodice to avoid translucency
  • designed to fit at present, a limited amount of growing room is available from the stretch fabric but this is unable to be altered once made.  Most customers just sell on and get another.
  • Tutu skirt is attached to the leotard base
  • fully decorated with applique and rhinestones
  • optional ombre effect available.

this little stretch tutu was praised by adjudicators, and the professional En Pointe Photography commented on the tutu. 

If you have any questions over what would be best for you, don’t forget you can contact me 





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