a lycra stretch tutu

a lycra stretch tutu

We all love that excitement when we receive a package through the post and we can’t wait to get it open and see what has been ordered.  that is the reason why internet sales have increased  exponentially.  Not only do you get a chance to shop from the comfort of your armchair, but the excitement continues when the items arrive.  Some  people love to shop from internet auction sites and try to find the cheapest option for their needs.  While that may prove prudent for some items, including the monthly groceries,  as the old saying goes,  “You get what you pay for”;  which is definitely the principle for tutu’s.

I am sure you have seen the new ready-made outfits available to buy on the Ebay sites, many of which are from China or Eastern Europe. These are fab little starter outfits if you want a cheap tutu to see if your little princess really likes ballet.   Dance teachers can get a whole troupe of identical little tutus for the cost of one custom made tutu.

If you are looking for a festival or competition solo tutu for your daughter you may want to consider a custom made tutu. You dont want your daughter dancing in a festival with a few dancers in exactly the same design tutu bought from the internet.

Some of the foreign-made tutus  fail to meet the UK custom-built tutu standards.  For example, did you know that the best net in the world for tutus is British net and Italian net?  These are designed especially for tutu making not ‘dress net’ and are manufactured with a low formaldehyde levels.  These nets are used by all the major ballet companies from the English National to the Bolshoi ballet.  I am proud to put Made in Hartlepool in the UK on my custom tutu label.

Ordering a tutu from me and shopping online does mean that you have to be extremely careful when you measure your child.  I can provide a clear guide  and order form with instructions via email which must be completed and returned.   Photos and discussion may take place over the internet as it  did with this little stretch tutu for approval over  some of the design features.   But as the  dancer and her mum open up the box  with this tutu in and give it a shake from travelling.   I know that the excitement is building as they await delivery of the  tutu box  and I have been promised a photograph.

The most popular ‘mail order’ for a tutu from afar is a stretch tutu.  One rare occasions I may choose to create a classical tutu for mail order without fittings.  But the fitting is dependant on the accurate  measurements being provided.  Check out the Tutu Ordering Page for more information.



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